The Muleta estate is located in the municipality of Sóller on the north-west coast of the island of Mallorca, in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana.

This municipality, nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by high mountains dominated by the Puig Mayor and the Sierra de Alfabia, was named “Sulyar” by the Arabs and was one of the twelve districts or counties into which the island was divided when it was reconquered by the Christian troops of King James I of Aragon (1229).

The Muleta estate belonged to a small village called “Castelló”, which King James I awarded to the Viscount of Bearn when Mallorca was divided among the great Catalan-Aragonese lords who participated in the reconquest of the island.

The Muleta Ca S´Hereu estate is one of the three estates into which the original Muleta estate was divided at the end of the eighteenth century. The estate’s roughly 400,000 m2 (40 hectares) was traditionally dedicated to the cultivation of olive groves and the production of oil.

The homes on the estate, which are located at the top of a mountain overlook the sea, the valley and the Port of Sóller, were built in different stages; the entrance and the rooms date back to 1672. The estate also boasts the perfectly preserved “Tafona” room, where oil was pressed and produced until roughly 30 years ago.



The estate has eight main rooms, a large entrance featuring a central stone arch typical of the buildings from that time, a small chapel, a barn that has been converted into the living room and a dining room with a traditional fireplace characteristic of rural homes in Mallorca. The estate has also perfectly preserved the former oil press and production room.